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    “To promote and perpetuate the business, commercial, manufacturing, civic interests, general welfare and prosperity of the community and its environs; and the stimulation of public interest to these ends; to advance the industry of the said community; to develop a uniform public spirit, whereby, we may put forth maximum effort in the aid of our community, to make it more prosperous, more beautiful, and a better place in which to live.”


    “Most Livable & Unique Community in Alaska


    Quality / Integrity / Community Benefit / Collaboration / Accountability


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    The Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber had its humble beginnings in 1970 through dedicated local business folks and local residents who desired to advocate for and serve our small but growing community of under six thousand.  With the discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope of Alaska just two years earlier, the community was seeing a shift toward rapid growth that completely redefined this sleepy corner of Alaska. Today, the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber serves an area of 35,000 people and is part of the larger Municipality of Anchorage (population of approximately 300,000). Traveling to this community is easy on the fully lit six lane highway that connects the two areas.The Chamber is engaged in a variety of projects and annual Signature Events that connect, enhance, and promote all parts of our community.

    At its inception, the Chamber’s mission was, and continues today to be, an organization whose energies are focused on the promotion and development of a sustainable and vibrant economic and civic environment. The Chamber of Commerce also provides Visitor Center services with brochures on businesses, recreation, entertainment, dining, hiking and more to enjoy while visiting our area or Alaska in general. So whether you are new to town, or a resident with questions about our communities, we invite you to stop by to visit with us.

    The Chamber strives to make Chugiak-Eagle River the "most livable and unique community" in Alaska.  


  • Chugiak-Eagle River Area Characteristics Chugiak-Eagle River Area Characteristics

    The Chugiak-Eagle River area has a unique charm. With the area being a part of the larger Municipality of Anchorage, its individual "town" characteristics are quietly unique. The community spirit is brought together with traditional values, hometown pride and new energy from the younger generations. Stopping into one of the many coffee shops, breweries, or local hang-outs, you will see community members, both young and old, talking about the beginnings of our town and all the changes that have occurred, or about the high school game-winning touchdown from five years ago! Talk to the locals and many will tell you that they were raised in this community, left for a brief time in their young adult ages, only to return a short time later to raise their family, take over their family business or start their own! 

    The Chamber Board of Directors and Staff understands and recognizes our town's unique characteristics and is very mindful in how to best help businesses thrive and our town prosper while still allowing it to feel like a small town for our community. The many Chamber signature events and community partnerships have remained year after year. Stop in to meet the fun and energetic "Chamber Ladies" at the office and find out how they are working with the Board of Directors to enhance 

  • Meet the Staff Meet the Staff

    The Chamber Office has one full-time staff on payroll. During the busy summer months, an additional intern or staff member is hired to help assist with the Bear Paw Festival and Visitor Center.


         Britney Olsen, Executive Director

         (907) 694-4702









    Britney Olsen has been with the Chamber since January of 2018. She was born and raised in Eagle River. She attended the University of Alaska Anchorage and has a Bachelor Degree in Justice and a Minor in Communications. She spent most of her adult career working in the Justice System, but moved to the non-profit world in 2018 when she accepted the job of Associate Director with the Chamber. Since December 2022, Britney has been the Executive Director of the Chamber. She is a 2024 Top 40 Under 40 Recipient and an Honorary Commander with the JBER Civic Leadership Program. Britney's hobbies include hanging out with her husband and two boys playing or watching basketball, reading, and attending community events.

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