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  • Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce

    With our office located in the heart of downtown Eagle River in the Town Center, the Chamber strives to make Chugiak-Eagle River the most Unique Alaskan Home Town! Staffing a year-round visitor and community information center, the Chamber is also home to the annual Summer Bear Paw Festival, the Winter Wonderland Celebration and the Merry Merchant Munch. Our leadership values community and responsible economic health in the environment we share in the Last Frontier. 



    “To promote and perpetuate the business, commercial, manufacturing, civic interests, general welfare and prosperity of the community and its environs; and the stimulation of public interest to these ends; to advance the industry of the said community; to develop a uniform public spirit, whereby, we may put forth maximum effort in the aid of our community, to make it more prosperous, more beautiful, and a better place in which to live.” 


    “Most Livable & Unique Community in Alaska"


    Quality / Integrity / Community Benefit / Collaboration / Accountability



  • Welcome to Chugiak-Eagle River - The Most Livable and Unique Community in Alaska! Welcome to Chugiak-Eagle River - The Most Livable and Unique Community in Alaska!


    Nestled between two major river valleys in South-central Alaska, the Chugiak-Eagle River area is surrounded by beautiful Alaska wilderness.  The community is known statewide as the gateway to Chugach State Park, 495 thousand acres of rugged untouched terrain, and home to brown and black bear, moose, wolves, wolverine, lynx, fox, porcupine, beaver, spawning salmon, and a wide variety of birds including the majestic Bald Eagle.  It is a place where people have the unique opportunity to blend a community lifestyle, and reside in close proximity to an urban area. Additionally, residents and visitors enjoy the experience of pristine wilderness that exists right at the edge of the Last Frontier.

    Downtown Eagle River and business areas in Chugiak/Peters Creek have a variety of shops providing all the necessary amenities for a quality lifestyle.  Most all goods and services are available locally, but if you can't find that "special something," the downtown area of Anchorage is located approximately 12 miles to the south.  The community is connected with Anchorage via a modern fully lit six-lane highway which traverses natural and scenic military lands. To the North, approximately 20 miles away, The Mat-Su (Matanuska Susitna) Borough is full of adventures and home to Wasilla, Alaska’s fastest growing area. 


    Help Support the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce 



    ONLY 500 Tickets Sold!  




    1st - $1,000.00 cash

    2nd - $500.00 cash

    3rd - $250.00 cash


    Support your local Chamber of Commerce so we can continue to hold community events like Bear Paw Festival, Excellence in Education Awards, Merry Merchant Munch and Winter Wonderland.  

    The Chamber also manages and maintains Chief Alex Park, The Gateway to Eagle River. These are some of the things that makes the Chugiak-Eagle River Area community a unique, vibrant and a great place to live! Bear Paw Festival is the major fundraising event that covers the on-going operating expenses for the Chamber of Commerce.  The torrential rain during Bear Paw Festival 2022 had a huge impact on revenue. Between the rain and the impacts from the Pandemic, we need your help.   


    Click Here to Purchase Your Online Raffle Ticket or Scan the QR Code                                                                 


    How The Online Raffle Works:

    1. Starting Friday January 6th, 2023 the online raffle will open. Ticket purchases will close on Tuesday February 28th. The raffle is ONLY online. No printed tickets required. Participants will receive a receipt of purchase for confirmation. 

    2. You must be 18 years-old and live in Alaska to participate. Winners will be required to show proof of both. 

    3. The drawing will be held LIVE during the March 2023 Chamber Lunch Forum on March 1st. Yes, we did this so that the winner will have some "mad money" for Spring Break!

    4. The Winner will also be announced on the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page. You do not need to be present to win. 

  • January 18 - UPDATED PRESENTATION - Chamber Lunch Forum with Choose Anchorage. (Registration Link Below) 

  • Event Registration Links Event Registration Links

  • Thank You Corporate Chamber Sponsors! Thank You Corporate Chamber Sponsors!